Mono GP

This is the simplest solid polycarbonate product from our product range. Ideal for any type of application where extreme impact resistance is a must but the UV Protection is not fundamental.

Mono SL

Our Mono SL Polycarbonate offers the same impact resistance as Mono GP with additional one sided UV protection, resulting long lasting product which protects the inside areas against the harmful rays.

Mono AR

Offers double sided UV protection with additional finish against common scratches in one or both sides.

Mono AB (Anti Ballistic)

Mono AB is employed wherever special protection is required for persons and/or objects. These include high-level security areas such as banks, jeweler’s shops, prisons,court buildings or night desks. Other fields are possible targets for vandalism, e.g. museums or buildings with large glazed sections. Mono AB offer clear economic and functional advantages over bullet-proof glass.