We are a state-of the-art
in environmental matters

At Imsa Plastics we are aware of the important role the environment plays in the natural balance of the world. By embedding sustainability practices into the core of our business operations, we continually strive to make our world a safer, cleaner and better place. We continually initiate practices to lessen our carbon footprint and make our world a place where future generations will flourish.

Some of the initiatives that we’ve taken to benefit the planet include:

  • We use the latest available technology in our processes to optimize resources
  • We recycle almost 500 tons per year on different materials like pet, cardboard and wood
  • We use translucent skylight and side light panels in the construction of our plants to maximize natural lighting, thereby reducing energy consumption
  • We provide water coolers and fountains to minimize bottled water consumption
  • We are committed to a continuous improvement methodology to optimize processes and reduce waste
  • Our products are free of heavy metals and other toxic substances
  • We use recycled paper for everyday printing needs
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all Imsa Plastics buildings, and designated smoking areas are located outdoors well clear of entrances
  • All light fixtures have been fitted with environment friendly fluorescent bulbs that do not contain mercury
  • All forklifts operate on environment friendly LP gas
  • All company provided automobiles have fuel efficient four cylinder engines