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IMSA Plastics, formerly Bayer IMSA, was founded in 2000 as a Joint Venture between two global companies: Bayer AG, a German Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastics Industries Company and the global leader in polycarbonate resin products; and Verzatec, a Mexican Holding company with strong international presence and owner of several leader suppliers  in the plastics and composites sectors.

Bayer IMSA’s joint venture began operations in 2001with the production of Polycarbonate Multiwall panels targeted at the Mexican, Latino-American and North-American markets. In addition to its top quality product the joint venture was able to offer excellent lead times. Due to the fast growing demand, in 2007 Bayer IMSA expanded it production capacity with additional multiwall production manufacturing lines. By the beginning of 2012 the joint venture launched its first corrugated polycarbonate line.

At the beginning of 2015, Verzatec acquired full ownership of the Bayer IMSA manufacturing facilities and founded IMSA Plastics as part of its growth strategy. This action allowed Verzatec Group to achieve a thorough solid platform in its strategic product segments in the immediate future.

Today IMSA Plastics is a strong, fast growing 100% Mexican owned company, focused on customer’s satisfaction and fully committed to producing top quality polycarbonate panels for the American and European markets.